Top Reasons Live Video Transmitter is Important in Football World Cup 2022

With technological innovations happening every day, earlier forms of video transmission technology have become obsolete today. In fact, in today’s showbiz and entertainment industry, wireless video transmitters are widely used. Especially when covering live sporting events like the Football World Cup 2022 in Qatar, wireless transmitters like the TVU Transmitter can be extremely important. 


Here are the top reasons you should invest in a TVU Transmitter if you wish to broadcast the Football World Cup matches in the best possible video and audio quality. 


  • Intuitive and User-friendly

One of the prime reasons you should always opt for wireless video transmitters like the TVU Transmitter is to eliminate cable management. With wireless transmitters, you can shoot from any location and do not always need to be in the proximity of your Outside Broadcasting (OB) vans. Moreover, these gadgets do not need calibration and are highly intuitive to use. You can easily learn to work your way through these gadgets by reading the user manuals.


  • Flexibility and Adaptability

While wireless transmitters like the TVU Transmitter are highly portable, they can also help you adapt to any kind of live event. When it comes to recording live football matches, you may need to keep moving your camera and sound equipment towards the portion of the field where the action is taking place. Wireless transmitters increase your flexibility and adaptability by freeing you from cable length limitations.


  • Helps Save Overhead Costs

With wired broadcasting equipment, you will need a satellite dish installed on your OB Van. Besides that, you will also need to purchase additional cables and connectors to plug your camera and audio equipment into your wired transmission control panel. With wireless transmitters like the TVU Transmitters, you can save overhead costs because you will no longer need to purchase this additional paraphernalia. 


  • Versatility as a Competitive Edge

The TVU Transmitter is a highly versatile piece of equipment. It can not only broadcast your video in 4K HDR resolution but also stream it online on social media or video-sharing platforms. You can use this gadget for delivering presentations in your office conference room or even record a live corporate event. However, their best use-case is when recording live sporting events like the Football World Cup 2022 in Qatar.


  • Interference-free Streaming and Broadcasting

One of the defining characteristics of wireless transmission equipment like the TVU Transmitter is that they have dynamic frequency selection. This means you will no longer experience noise in your video broadcasts. Moreover, when streaming online, the TVU Transmitter can select the best bandwidth of the signal and adjust the streaming quality accordingly. This means you will have almost none to barely sub-second latency on your video streams.


Key Takeaway

With wireless transmitters like the TVU Transmitter, you can forget tangled cables. You can also gain a competitive edge with added flexibility when shooting live events. Moreover, you can save on production costs and have an overall higher quality video broadcast or stream for your audiences. 

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