Renting A Production Studio – 5 Things to Know Beforehand

If you feel safe in the area you’re working in, you’re not working in the right area”. These were the wise words of legendary musician David Bowie. Needless to say, producing music and video requires the right space. According to Bowie, the safety of your comfort zone is usually never the right one. This is one of the many reasons professional musicians prefer to record in professional production studios. Whether it is to record your music album or shoot a short film, it is always better to rent a production studio. 

But before you do so, there are some things you need to look out for. This list of 5 things to know before renting a production studio can guide you on the right path.

Enquire about the amenities

Most production studios have a range of audio and video production equipment at their disposal. While some studios may include basic equipment in the rental package, others may charge you extra for it. Choose wisely so that you’re not only able to create quality audio-visual art, but also do it affordably. Moreover, you should also make a list of the equipment you will be taking and cross-check it with the equipment available so that you can avoid carrying certain common equipment and save on logistical costs. 

Explore the space before renting

Almost all professional production studios will offer you a free tour of their premises once you show an interest to rent them. During this premises tour, you should make a visual note of the surrounding space. You may want to visually estimate the height of the ceiling and other dimensions of the room too. Some other things you need to note are – whether there is soundproofing, cyc wall facilities, green screens, furniture, and the colour of the wall. 

Ease of Accessibility is a must

Imagine renting out a video production studio that meets all your requirements but you’re not able to fit your additional equipment through the door. A lack of due diligence like this can lead to such disasters. Hence, you must always check the accessibility of your chosen production studio. Team members not being able to park nearby, can cause immense delays in the shooting because not all equipment may be present on the set and bringing equipment from the car becomes a hassle if you’re parked far away.

Check for mobile reception

When taking a tour of your selected production studio, always remember to check for mobile reception inside the studio. Since these studios are padded out with soundproofing materials, there may be some degree of interference in mobile signals. Hence, you should check every corner of the room to ensure that the entire studio space has decent mobile coverage. 

Enquire about additional studio space

If you didn’t have the time for a pre-production run, you may find out that you suddenly need additional studio space. It’s always a good plan to inquire about the availability of additional space at the studio you plan to rent. In this way, you can have a successful shooting or recording experience without any hassles.

Key Takeaway

There are many things to look out for when renting a production studio. By considering these pointers, you can ensure your recording or shooting experience is seamless. Taswer Media Production caters to all of these needs and more. Whether it is the production studio or TV studio, Taswer provides state-of-the-art studio equipment with unparalleled service.


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