Best Camera Equipment Rental Companies in Doha, Qatar

Best Camera Equipment Rental Companies in Qatar

Best Camera Equipment Rental Companies in Qatar


The need for camera equipment rental for live TV broadcasting has drastically increased with the FIFA World Cup 2022 hosted in Qatar. The massive and wholehearted support for World Cup football in Qatar means that not all fans can be housed inside the stadiums. Therefore, Qatar stadiums will be packed with news companies and other Qatar TV channels that will be shooting priceless moments of this sporting event. Since all such companies may not readily have access to new expensive camera equipment, there is a growing need for camera equipment rentals in Qatar.

If you are looking for such companies, here is a curated list of Qatar’s best camera equipment rental companies.


.Taswer Live

Rent camera equipment with Taswer Media Productions is a a class apart camera equipment rental company in Qatar.Taking inspiration from the vision of both the SC and the Ashghal, Taswer Live offers the most reliable camera equipment that can help you achieve your photography and videography goals during this World Cup football season in Qatar. In fact, Taswer Live is one of the few reputed full-service production houses and broadcasting studios that provides camera equipment rental in Qatar. 

  • Resolution Hire

At Resolution Hire, you will not only have access to advanced camera equipment but also supplementary paraphernalia like HMI, Kino, LED, and Skypanel lights. Just like the Ashghal has taken care of all the needs of Qatar infrastructure to host the FIFA World Cup 2022, Resolution Hire can take care of all your video/still capturing requirements during this grand event. Resolution Hire is known for nitpicking and taking care of every minute detail like clamps, dollies, sliders, jibs, monitors, lens accessories, etc

.Ultra Marine Films

On the other hand, Ultra Marine Films not only provides production equipment like cameras and other accessories but is also involved with post-production. Moreover, the Ministry of Communication and the Office of Government Communications reinstate the importance of communication through imagery by revealing a new emblem for Qatar. Ultra Marine Films follows the same ideology, and brings to you, one of the best camera equipment  hire  and post-production services.

.Red Media International

Red Media International is a camera equipment rental that provides various video production services. They provide time-lapse video production systems, general video and film production, as well as drone, aerial, and underwater filming equipment and support. Their services are well aligned with the development of an all-new Qatar infrastructure that can support the best FIFA World Cup ever hosted in 2022. 

.The Pro Screen

If you plan to rent camera equipment for World Cup football in Qatar, then The Pro Screen is possibly a great choice. The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) in Qatar has ensured that all Qatar infrastructure is up-to-date for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar to be hassle-free. Similarly, you can ensure seamless live broadcasting of this gala sporting event with the equipment rental and events coverage services of The Pro Screen.


Final Thoughts

World Cup broadcasting is on the agenda of many Qatar TV channels and news companies but most face the dilemma of heavy investments in camera equipment. Choosing Taswer Media Productions can resolve this dilemma. Taswer Live provides state-of-the-art camera equipment at competitive rates in Qatar. Moreover, with Taswer Live, you can choose either short-term or long-term camera equipment rental. This will allow you to attract millions of World Cup football fans directly to your platform, and that too without an enormous capital investment.


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