5 Essential Video Production Equipment Required While Going Live

5 Essential Video Production Equipment Required While Going Live


The demand for video content in Qatar is on the rise. For your video production company to benefit from this trend, it is important to gear up with the most essential equipment. Even if you are an independent video producer, a marketer, or a social media influencer, the power of video content is often unparalleled. Since video production equipment is often a heavy investment, most production houses look to hire camera equipment during their initial days. 


Whether you hire camera equipment or broadcast equipment, there are always a few essentials you should never forget. Here is a curated list of 5 essential video production equipment that should always be on your checklist when recording live events.


  • Camera and Tripod

The most obvious necessities when going live are a camera and a tripod. This is a pair of gadgets you cannot do without. Hence, you should consider investing heavily in either buying or renting a camera and tripod set. If you plan to purchase, then always look for technological capabilities like 4K recording at 60 fps. However, purchasing may be initially heavy on your pocket. Therefore, renting reliable cameras and tripod sets from a renowned firm like Taswer Media Production in Qatar is a good option.


  • Audio Equipment

When talking about video production equipment, audio equipment often takes a back seat. In terms of good-quality audio equipment, you will need two types of microphones when recording live events – the lapel microphone and the shotgun microphone. The lapel microphone is attached to your shirt so that it captures your live commentary during the event. Whereas, the shotgun microphone is used to capture the actual audio of the event. You can choose to either purchase this equipment or rent it more affordably from Taswer Media Productions.


  • Lighting Kit

If your event is after sunset, you will need a lighting kit. In an ideal indoor scenario, you can use multiple stage lights, focus lights, or even floodlights to focus on the subject of the event. However, in outdoor conditions, you will have to rely on a 3-point lighting system. Therefore, you may need to purchase separate stand lights for the key light, backlight, and fill light to completely illuminate the subject of the event. On the other hand, you can also rely on portable ring lights when shooting yourself at live events.


  • Backdrop

For outdoor events, the natural backdrop of the event is considered ideal. However, for indoor events, you may face difficulty identifying a good backdrop. If you are planning to cover a corporate event live, then it is advisable to have good branding as the backdrop. However, if there is no suitable backdrop available on the set or in any shooting location, you can always opt for a green screen setup.


  • Broadcast Transmitter

Lastly, when looking to go live either online or on television, you should have good-quality broadcast equipment alongside your video production equipment. If you choose to broadcast in Doha, Qatar, then the best option is to obtain a TVU Transmitter. These transmitters have a variety of features that allow you to be at the top of your game when going live or broadcasting events. At Taswer Media Productions, you can not only obtain such high-quality products but also expect exceptional service along with them.


Final Thoughts

When thinking of hiring camera equipment for live events, Taswer Media Productions in Qatar can be your first choice. This is because you will find that Taswer has the latest cutting-edge technology when it comes to video production equipment. Moreover, it is affordable too.

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